Baron Von Tollbooth plus Sunfighter  (With Bonus CD)

Silver Spoon (Grace Slick)

Diana (Paul Kantner, Slick)

Sunfighter (Kantner)

Titanic (Phill Sawyer)

Look at the Wood (Slick,Kantner)

When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves (Kantner, Slick)

Million (Kantner)

China (Slick)

Earth Mother (Jack Traylor)

Diana 2 (Kantner, Slick)

Universal Copernican Mumbles (Pat Gleeson, John Vierra, Kantner)

Holding Together (Slick, Kantner)

Paul Kantner vocals, rhythm guitar
Grace Slick vocals, piano
Jack Traylor guitar on "Earth Mother", vocals on "Earth Mother"
Jerry Garcia guitar on "When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves", "Million", and "Holding Together"
Papa John Creach electric violin on "Silver Spoon" and "Earth Mother"
Craig Chaquico lead guitar on "Earth Mother"
Bill Laudner vocals on "Million"
Jack Casady bass on "Silver Spoon" and "China"
Spencer Dryden drums on "Earth Mother"
David Crosby vocals on "Look at the Wood", "When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves", and "Diana 2", tambourine on "Look at the Wood"
Jorma Kaukonen lead guitar on "Look at the Wood"
Graham Nash Arp on "Look at the Wood", vocals on "When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves" and "Diana 2"
Chris Wing drums on "China"
Pat Gleeson moog on "Universal Copernican Mumbles", piano on "Universal Copernican Mumbles"
John Vierra synthesizer on "Universal Copernican Mumbles", keyboards on "Universal Copernican Mumbles"
Phill Sawyer sound effects on "Titanic"
Peter Kaukonen guitar on "Sunfighter", mandolin on "When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves"
Shelley Silverman drums on "When I Was a Boy I Watched the Wolves"
Joey Covington drums on "Silver Spoon", "Sunfighter", "China", and "Holding Together"
Edwin Hawkins Singers (Edwin Hawkins, Walter Hawkins, Tramaine Davis Hawkins, Elaine Kelley, Norma J. King, Barbara Gill, Ruth Wyons, Daphne Henderson, Shirley Miller, Eddie Bayers) vocals on "Sunfighter"
Steven Schuster flute on "Silver Spoon" and "Sunfighter", saxophone on "Sunfighter" and "China", horn arrangements on "Sunfighter", and "China"
Tower of Power (Greg Adams, Mic Gillette) horns on "Sunfighter" and "China"
Ballad of the Chrome Nun

Ballad of the Chrome Nun     (David Freiberg / Grace Slick)

Fat (Grace Slick)

Flowers of the Night (Jack Traylor)

Walkin' (Paul Kantner / Grace Slick)

Your Mind Has Left Your Body (Paul Kantner)

Across the Board (Grace Slick)

Harp Tree Lament (David Freiberg / Robert Hunter)

White Boy (Transcaucasian Airmachine Blues) (Paul Kantner)

Fishman (Grace Slick)

Sketches of China (Paul Kantner / Grace Slick)

John Barbata Drums, Percussion
Betty Cantor Engineer, Mixing
Jack Casady Bass
Craig Chaquico Guitar
Papa John Creach Violin
David Crosby Vocals
Chris Ethridge Bass
David Freiberg Composer, Keyboards, Piano, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Jim Gaines Engineer
Jerry Garcia Banjo, Guest Artist, Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
Bill Garland Illustrations
Mickey Hart Gong
Robert Hunter Composer, Guest Artist
Paul Kantner Composer, Glass Harp, Guitar, Guitar (12 String), Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Rhythm), Harmonica (Glass), Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Jorma Kaukonen Guitar
Pat (Maurice) Leraci Production Coordination
Jim Marshall Photography
Bob Matthews Engineer, Mixing
The Pointer Sisters Vocals
Al Schmitt Mixing
Grace Slick Composer, Piano, Primary Artist, Producer, Vocals
Drew Struzan Illustrations
Andrew Thompson Remastering
John Tobler Liner Notes
Jack Traylor Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals
Bonus CD

 This is the Galactic Reunion from February 2nd, 2005. You may also download this disk for free at the Jefferson Starship official website (just in case you were only ordering the CDs for the free disk-no need really). Get it here: